Pushing a baby is hard. Having your stomach opened is traumatising. With well over 2 billions mothers around the globe. Our experiences are somehow different from one to another. One thing which is not uncommon is one: the physical change our bodies go through during and after pregnancy. And two: the psychological effect of motherhood on several mothers. Many of us often feel the "baby-blues". For each five women, two fall into Post Natal Depression (postpartum depression). I was one of those two. I hated myself and couldn't bond with my son. Six months later, I loved myself again, my son even more than myself. I then created IronFIT to provide a safe environment for mothers to open up about their PND/PPD experiences and finally lose the baby weight forever!
Hi, I'm Stefania, founder and inspiration behind the IronFIT movement. At the age of 22 I embarked into a 150 Lbs weight-loss journey.
Since then I became a mother, I regained the weight and dived into a deep postpartum depression. Within six months, I lost another 60Lbs and defeated PPD. Through IronFIT my mission is to empower mothers throughout the world.
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Postpartum depression should be talked about judgement-free. Want to discuss openly or seek support don't hesitate to contact me:
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